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In a world fixated on youth, the idea of "50 is the new 30" keeps being thrown around, but let's set the record straight: 50 is not the new 30—it's 50, and that's something to embrace wholeheartedly. We've made it! Our well-being is dependent on shifting our mindset from being on the grind to prioritizing ourselves with love and acceptance. The PhD method—Prayer, hard work, and Discipline—can guide us on this journey called life.


Prayer: Nourishing the Spirit

Our career-driven society often values outward appearance and productivity above all else. It's easy to forget the importance of cultivating our spiritual well-being. Whether it's through meditation, mindfulness, journaling, or connecting with a higher power, prayer can help us align our professional and personal goals with our values and purpose.


By connecting with our spiritual selves, we find peace in each moment. Celebrate your journey instead of longing for the past or worrying about the future. Take time to appreciate the life you've lived and the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have nothing to prove. You have the receipts. Each wrinkle, smile line, and stretch mark tells a story of a life well-lived and well-loved.


hard work: Nurturing Your Growth

The h is lower case on purpose. You have worked hard your entire life, now it's time for you to be soft. If you think about it, the sound that the h makes is soft. It is the sound of a breath. As much as the world would have you think differently, you are not a machine. Yes, maintaining your growth requires dedication, but it doesn't require you to give your life putting in long hours and sacrificing for others to your own detriment. Invest in yourself by acquiring new skills, pursuing further education, or taking on challenging projects that you enjoy. Prioritize you!


Equally as important as nurturing your professional growth is maintaining your physical and mental health. It's not just about exercise—it's about the dedication to your wellness. Commit to a regular fitness routine, nutritious diet, and healthy lifestyle. Take time to read more books. Spend time with loved ones and friends. Cultivate the habits that help you stay strong, vibrant, and energetic. 

An important part of nurturing your growth is mentoring others, while be open to being mentored by someone that may be younger than you. You have nothing left to prove, mentoring allows you to share your knowledge, build your legacy, and give forward to generations yet to come. Be proud of your accomplishments and embrace the journey ahead with confidence.


Discipline: Navigating the Changes

True transformation begins with you. Let's be real, now that we're over 50 parts of our body hurts in ways that it's never hurt before. We forget things more often. And, sometimes when we look in the mirror, we're surprised by how much our physical appearance has changed. By cultivating discipline, we train our minds to focus on our goals, overcome obstacles, and stay committed to our journey of self-discovery. Discipline allows us to harness our inner strength and determination, empowering us to face the joy of aging with confidence and resilience.


Discipline is the key to success in any aspect of life. Set goals for yourself and commit to achieving them. Whether it's sticking to a fitness routine, pursuing a new hobby, advancing your career, or taking time to slow down, discipline will help you stay focused and motivated.


Live the PhD 

Prayer, hard work, and Discipline  unlocks the secrets to managing the journey of this thing called life with confidence, acceptance and a positive mindset. Let go of the notion that youth is the goal and embrace the wisdom and experience that come with age. 


If we are so fortunate, once we hit 50 we get 50 more good summers. This means we do not have time to waste trying to relive our youth. Take the trip. Own your number proudly. Reject the pressure that you must somehow metamorphize back to your 30s when, yes you were younger; but, you weren’t half as cool as you are now. Remember, life is about being the best version of yourself. Instead of looking back longing for what was, intentionally design your future for what can be. Celebrate your age, accepting where you are and recognizing the wisdom and confidence that comes with it. Remember, Life Begins at 50!


Dr. Addie Ellis, Amazon best-selling author of Black Butterfly: Essays on isms and lived experiences in a race-centric nation, empowers Executive Leaders in navigating ambition and well-being. She specializes in supporting Black Women and other Women of Color educational leaders who are navigating the paradox of ambition and exhaustion. She provides strategies for individuals to excel in their work while prioritizing themselves. She helps you harness your energy, so you can fulfill your purpose and unleash your joy!


To purchase her book, affirmation cards, or learn more about Dr. Ellis visit



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