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“Black Butterfly: Essays On Isms and Lived Experiences in a Race-Centric Nation and the Call to Action" is a poignant collection delving into the multifaceted experiences of navigating a society shaped by racial dynamics. Through a series of thought-provoking essays, this book explores the intricate interplay of the various 'isms’ on the Black-White dichotomy. “Black Butterfly” offers powerful narratives and insightful analyses that shed light on the complexities of identity, social justice, and the enduring impact of systems that are rooted in oppression. Moreover, the collection serves as a rallying cry, passionately advocating for tangible action and societal change to combat these pervasive issues. Each essay serves as a catalyst for dialogue, introspection and, most importantly, a call to mobilize an equitable and inclusive future.

Black Butterfly book

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