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Introducing Liberation Cards: Your Daily Dose of Empowerment and Inspiration to Unleash You!


These affirmations are more than just words—they're a powerful tool to ignite your inner fire and propel you towards your liberation. With four sets of ten carefully crafted affirmations, each deck is packed with positivity, motivation, and encouragement to help you conquer any challenge and unlock your full potential.


Whether you're seeking clarity in your career, confidence in your relationships, or simply a daily dose of inspiration, Liberation Cards have got you covered. Draw a card each morning to set your intention for the day, or keep them handy for moments when you need a gentle reminder of your own strength and resilience. The power of positive affirmations shifts your mindset as you embrace liberation.

Liberation Cards

  • There are 3 distinct packages of 10 defined by color

    Green: On Liberation

    Fuchsia: On Opportunity 

    Purple: On Royalty

    You may also order the mystery deck, 10 cards carefully selected for you by Dr. Ellis.

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