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“Black Butterfly: Essays On Isms and Lived Experiences in a Race-Centric Nation and the Call to Action" is a poignant collection delving into the multifaceted experiences of navigating a society shaped by racial dynamics. Through a series of thought-provoking essays, this book explores the intricate interplay of the various 'isms’ on the Black-White dichotomy. “Black Butterfly” offers powerful narratives and insightful analyses that shed light on the complexities of identity, social justice, and the enduring impact of systems that are rooted in oppression. Moreover, the collection serves as a rallying cry, passionately advocating for tangible action and societal change to combat these pervasive issues. Each essay serves as a catalyst for dialogue, introspection and, most importantly, a call to mobilize an equitable and inclusive future.

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The Story

Driven by a need to see individuals, organizations, and communities maximize their full potential, Dr. Addie Ellis, founder of Unleashed You, built her career on taking what is and shifting it to what could be. As an educator, researcher, an observer of life, Dr. Ellis is committed to leaving the world better than how she found it.

In her quest to serve others, Dr. Ellis has launched Unleashed You - A team of individuals who are committed to helping individuals, organizations, and communities #Unleash their full potential. 

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Unleashed You is a consultancy where we embody the values of racial and cultural equity. We define the values of racial and cultural equity as the policies, procedures, and practices that ensure all people - especially those who have been historically and intentionally exploited, minoritized, marginalized, and racialized, based on race/ethnicity, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, religion, also known as "the isms" - are represented in the development of policy, procedures, and practices that impact their lives. We believe including the voices of all can be done without excluding others.


Diversity, equity and inclusion, affirmative action, and other initiatives designed to diversify hiring pools often increase numbers in the short-term, however in many cases these individuals do not stay. McKinsey (2015, 2018, 2020) studies the impact of diversity on organizational performance. The data supports having a diverse workforce, who feel supported, improves overall company performance. Our executive coaching and leadership capacity building services are designed to support, promote, and retain staff of color.

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Our team provides comprehensive curriculum development and grant writing services. We specialize in crafting educational journeys that advance an understanding of racial and cultural equity and power parity while ensuring alignment with culturally responsive pedagogical practices. Our team of seasoned experts combines their deep understanding of curriculum design and educational theory with a keen eye for inclusion and innovation, resulting in engaging and impactful learning experiences.

When it comes to grant writing, we are your trusted partners in securing funding. Our experienced grant writers possess the knowledge and expertise to transform your vision into compelling grant proposals. We meticulously tailor proposals to meet specific requirements, and articulate your project's value and potential impact. We have a high success rate in securing grants across various sectors.



Keith Wolaridge - Author; Professor, Business Owner 

If you are looking for a professional coach to clear the cobwebs, look no further than Dr. Ellis.  After our sessions and time together, her approach helped me see and changed both my personal and professional trajectory upward and onward.  Make the investment today. You will not be disappointed. 


Krystal King - Business Owner

Dr. Ellis is an advocate for all. She uses her over 20 years of  dedication and experience in education as well executive administration to serve those she works with. She has served the community from early learners through adulthood. She is a mentor to anyone who meets her. Protecting, advocating, supporting, and advancing individuals from marginalized groups, especially women, is what she does. She is Black excellence personified!

Steven Kempster, LCSW - Clinical Social Work/Therapist

If you are looking for a professional coach to clear the cobwebs, look no further than Dr. Ellis.  After our sessions and time togIt's one thing for someone to see in you your potential, it's another for them to help you see it in yourself. Addie did just that for me. Through our sessions, Addie supported me in breaking free from the mold of over-achieving non-profit executive to a self-actualized entrepreneur--confident in my convictions, boundaries with others, and the pursuit of passions that aligned with my Being. ether, her approach helped me see and changed both my personal and professional trajectory upward and onward.  Make the investment today. You will not be disappointed. 


E. Reneé Wright-Davis, MPH - Public Health, D.E.I. Health Professional

Dr. Ellis has been instrumental in my growth as a professional and woman. Her passion, knowledge, dedication and focus on education have been a great example for me. Working with her has allowed me to enrich my thought process and clearly define my personal and professional goals. Dr. Ellis is a pillar of support and drive in my life, as well as anyone she comes in contact with. I am truly thankful for her.  

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Champions are made from something they have deep inside them...

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Empower Your Leadership Journey with Unparalleled Support from Unleashed You. At Unleashed You, we're dedicated to empowering leaders, fostering diversity, and driving professional growth. Our tailored executive and management coaching services provide a confidential space for leaders to strategize, grow, and excel. We specialize in building leadership capacity that actively supports, promotes, and retains staff of color, fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace environment. Partner with us to unlock your leadership potential and cultivate a thriving, inclusive environment.


Elevate Your Vision with Unleashed You's Comprehensive Facilitation and Training Services. Our tailored training programs address implicit bias and racial and cultural equity goals, fostering a more inclusive and understanding organizational culture. We work closely with your organization to develop and implement a strategic professional development plan, aligning growth initiatives with your specific goals and aspirations.


With a speaking style that captivates and compels, the UnleashedYou team delivers impactful, thought-provoking keynotes and motivational addresses tailored to your audience. Our engaging talks are meticulously crafted to spark motivation and drive transformational growth. At UnleashedYou, we don’t just speak; we inspire action, leaving your group invigorated and ready to conquer new horizons. Book a keynote experience that sparks change and redefines motivation. Prepare to be energized!

We're thrilled to connect with you! Schedule a convenient appointment through Calendly. For any additional details or queries, you may reach us at, please allow 48 hours for response. Looking forward to assisting you!

Click here to purchase Black Butterfly: Essays on isms and lived experiences in a race-centric nation, and the call to action.

Dr. Addie Ellis

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